If you have something to share with the world, do not let that idea go in vain. We will make sure that your efforts find the right audience.

We encourage people to pen down their perspectives because a leaf taken out of your book can be a gamechanger for someone's life. Words can hit spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. CrossWrite firmly believes in helping readers find that right book, that resonates profoundly with their growth and self actualization.

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Amandeep has founded an enterprising company by the name of Amandeep and associates which dissipates valuable legal assistance to companies. Her forthcoming and pragmatic approach to handle things has propelled her into our core team at CrossWrite. Apart from imparting imperative legal and technical assistance to CrossWrite, Amandeep is also endowed with a gifted creative and artistic flair which makes her designing inputs noteworthy.



Prabhjyot Singh is a technological entrepreneur who has done noteworthy work in the field of IT and web development. He had tasted success and recognition at a very early age and the same inspired him to make more meaningful contributions to the society which eventually led him to founding and nurturing the idea behind CrossWrite. He is driven by an ardent desire to connect people through technology so that time and space no longer pose as constraints. He wishes to connect the authors with the readers in order to endorse a fruitful and empowering relationship.



Srishti Jaitwani has been passionately involved in writing since many years and had published her first book at 25. She has been actively contributing to leading newspapers, magazines, various digital portals and has been fondly acknowledged and felicitated for instigating a positive change in the society through her writings. Her love for writing had prompted her to collaborate with an equally enthusiastic team that shares her vision for creating a reliable and revolutionary publishing platform for aspiring and established authors.

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What should be the genre of my manuscript?

We accept and welcome manuscripts from a variety of genres. Manuscripts pertaining to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories, novels, novellas, biographies, memoirs, inferences, religion etc are entertained. However any kind of plagiarized, polarising, blasphemous, vulgar or obscene content is not allowed. We also do not publish academic textbooks.

Should I send in my complete manuscript?

We do not encourage you to send in your complete manuscript at the initial stage. Our team member shall guide you when to send the complete manuscript after the preliminary screening is completed.

What should my manuscript contain?

Your manuscript should clearly specify your name, age and gender along with an attached document containing your sample manuscript. The email should be addressed to our editorial team. The subject of the respective email should contain the word “SUBMISSION”

While I have submitted my proposal manuscript to you, Can I submit it elsewhere too?

Yes the writer is free to submit his sample manuscript before hearing from us about the preliminary screening inferences.

How do I submit my sample manuscript?

You can email your sample manuscript to us at

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