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We have all dreamt of having a laid back weekend which extends beyond just the weekend. Now, this situation might not be the same but I believe and that to rather firmly that this is the closest we are going to get to our aspirations. It feels to me that we are living a utopic circumstance by the virtue of a dystopic reality. As we continue to murmur and affirm prayers of healing and health from our lips, let us digress our minds towards the silver lining.

Now, I am pretty convinced that this time shall go down in world history. Students are going to read about in the years to come. We are fighting the biggest battle ever, but ironically the only meaningful contribution which can be made is by staying socially isolated and distanced. It is undoubtedly difficult but honestly not that bad I guess. We are contributing without using weapons or warfare. We actually get to live those three magic words, “NETFLIX AND CHILL”. That is hands down the best way to beat this pandemonium. If God is kind enough such a scenario will never rise again. But now that we have been dealt this hand, let us look at it with a rose tinted lens. Laze around, binge watch your favourite series, paint, sing, dance but most importantly pray.


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