These are tough times. Well, quite literally. Corona is perhaps everywhere and panic has united us
like nothing ever has. There is evidently no concrete cure and it is basically an all hands on deck
situation. Everybody has to do their bit to curb this eco terror. But our safety need not cost us an
arm and a leg. We can look for the silver lining.

While we pray for world peace and rejoice our time at home, let us take a sneak peek into what all
can we do so that when we come out of this self imposed quarantine, we are a better version of our
present selves. Let us take this opportunity to eat clean, healthy and wholesome food instead of
going out for a bite to eat. Let us enjoy a cup of tea with our parents instead of a coffee dates with
our friends. Let us enjoy going for long walks instead of sweating it out on a treadmill. Let us focus
on doing mind training and not just strength training.

And while we are at it, let us inculcate in our lives a beautiful habit of reading. This habit is actually
worth its weight in gold. Now one might think that reading is a very mundane activity and not
everyone is keen on keeping himself abreast with history, politics or philosophy. But reading does
not just entail that. It instils in the reader patience, resilience, the ability to synthesize and the
strength to give a listening to others. It teaches a person how to stop and smell the roses. It does not
matter what one enjoys reading but as long as you can keep your mind and your unwavering
attention at it for even fifteen minutes per day at a stretch, I believe you are doing yourself a huge

We hear so much chatter about anxiety, stress and attention deficit, if we can teach ourselves the
priceless art of staying focussed, it would be priceless. So while we protect ourselves and our
families from all the toxicity that lies outside, let us immerse ourselves in enriching and empowering
what lies inside.

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