In this age of advancement and revolution the spread of a pandemic has become very easy and to some extent inevitable. There is a plethora of bird and animal species whose anatomy is not entirely known to mankind. These species can foster within them selves and in turn dissipate unknown forms of viruses to humans. Historically speaking, the spread of a virus was not as rampant and vigorous as it is now. Traveling has become so easy and an average person meets and interacts with hundreds of people if not thousands on a daily basis. One might feel that this number is an exaggeration but that is not the case. We indirectly come in contact with several people and if a virus has to find it’s way through to us, that won’t be a herculean task. Pandemics like the Black death, Spanish fever and others who could wipe out millions of people from the face of the earth were impeded to some extent by confinement and distances. Both of these factors are no longer an issue now. It is quite possible for a person today to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner in three different countries. Technology has become so potent but there is definitely a flip side to it and this flip side is what turned Corono Virus into this formidable pandemic.

This scenario has taught us that no matter how advanced or technologically adept we become, we cannot avoid these pandemics altogether. But what we can do is bolster the process of vaccine development and dissipation as in such case scenarios, loss of time is loss of life.

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