80s can rightly be regarded as India’s most glamorous era. There were Asian games, India’s first world cup victory, laudable cinematic achievements, fashion, makeup and what not. We have all heard so many great things about the 80s that I have always wanted to live that era.

But I guess one should be careful of what he wishes for. We are living a technologically boosted, impact fully spiked and a revamped rendition of the 80s. None of the good things but the riots, political instability, curfews and lockdowns have definitely found their way around.

What exactly is Corona? Is it a shadow of our past, mirror to our present or a reflection of our future? People say that this virus is God’s way of restoring balance in this world. But is it? There is absolutely nothing about this virus which is God made. It is man bred in its entirety. The race to the top, territorial leadership, an innate desire for political clout has actually given us all a run for our money and lives. Human instincts have led us to this point and it is extremely unfortunate that even now, our instincts have not really changed.

Amidst this bio disaster we see people hording groceries, basic amenities and everything else which can possibly be horded. There is just no empathy. We all want to safeguard our interests without actually caring about anybody else. We are so fearful of compromising our own well being to the point that we have disconnected our minds from the fatality and gravity of the situation that we are in. We cannot reckon that we all need to look out for each other more than ever.

Let us not blame God for this disaster. It is not a divine doing. We have brought this on ourselves. We have been knocked down. Let us rise up, together, stronger than ever and promote and adopt a more holistic and a generous lifestyle. Let us focus on praying for global healing instead of mindless hording.

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