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About Us


We are committed in bringing to fore a new form of readership, which is not just influenced but also inspirational and informed. We believe that books have the power to change lives and that is exactly what we want our readers to experience.

Our Story

CrossWrite is a state of art content creation and publishing company which treats each story with as much love as the writer has nurtured it with. We fiercely believe in each story that we take up and publish. In the present age, quality content is the finest way of acquainting ourselves with the feats of art, literature, history, philosophy and several other genres. Reading and writing is indeed a powerful way to liberate the soul and keeping in mind the social and emotional clutter that we are perpetually surrounded by, we say soul liberation is a must.

We were founded in 2020 by a group of young enthusiasts who wanted to bring about a positive yet revolutionary change in the publishing industry. We realise how people have so many stories to tell, so many perspectives to share. Each anecdote is inspirational in some way or the other. Our goal is to wreath all these beautiful stories together, so that we can all take something empowering from each other’s experiences.  We know it for a fact, that there is a book for everybody. All we wish to do is lead our readers to that perfect book.


CrossWrite is primarily focussed on providing a functional and efficient platform to every manuscript, every story which has been put together by the writer with his heart and soul. We believe in collaborating with the writer at each step, right from editing to designing and from publishing to marketing so as to deliver books which condense out in exact personification, the vision of the writer.  We leverage our digital presence, global reach, editorial and creative know how and distribution networks to enhance the visibility and scope of our author’s work.




Prabhjyot Singh is a technological entrepreneur who has done noteworthy work in the field of IT and web development. He had tasted success and recognition at a very early age and the same inspired him to make more meaningful contributions to the society which eventually led him to founding and nurturing the idea behind CrossWrite. He is driven by an ardent desire to connect people through
technology so that time and space no longer pose as constraints. He wishes to connect the authors with the readers in order to endorse a fruitful and empowering relationship.



Amandeep has founded an enterprising company by the name of Amandeep and associates which dissipates valuable legal assistance to companies. Her forthcoming and pragmatic approach to handle things has propelled her into our core team at CrossWrite. Apart from imparting imperative legal and technical assistance to CrossWrite, Amandeep is also endowed with a gifted creative and artistic flair which makes her designing inputs noteworthy.



Srishti Jaitwani has been passionately involved in writing since many years and had published her first book at 25. She has been actively contributing to leading newspapers, magazines, various digital portals and has been fondly acknowledged and felicitated for instigating a positive change in the society through her writings. Her love for writing had prompted her to collaborate with an equally enthusiastic team that shares her vision for creating a reliable and revolutionary publishing platform for aspiring and established authors.


There is a plethora of publishing platforms out there. So why CrossWrite? There are so many factors
which set us apart. Let us acquaint you with some of those

  • We are as passionate about the content as the writer.
  • Your manuscripts are more than just repository for us. They are the most vital and respected
    component of our work process.
  • We have a dedicated team of editors and designers who shall enable you to bring out the
    best possible physical version of your thoughts.
  • Our distribution network is very enveloping yet precise.
  • We make use of the most effective digital techniques to help our writers in reaching and
    attracting the perfect audience for their work.
  • Our various publishing platforms shall enable the writers to design and publish their work as
    per their liking and interest.


We do not believe in binding or fixating over a process as flexibility and writer satisfaction is the key.
Yet there is a simple process which is adhered to while accomplishing the publishing process.

  • We solicit the manuscripts via email and each manuscript is carefully studied and analyzed
    for inferences.
  • Depending upon these inferences, which are usually conveyed to the writer within a week,
    the decision to go ahead or not with the publishing process is taken
  • Once the manuscript is selected to be published, the writer is conveyed a detailed document
    which entails the intricacies of our various publishing platforms.
  • After the writer chooses his desired mode of publishing, our team shall assign to the author
    an editor, designer and publishing manager to create the best version of the manuscript in


We have a specialized extension of CrossWrite which deals with honing, encouraging and enabling
young writers to polish and publish their content. We have a team of specialized writers and
facilitators who shall help our young writers and poets to beautifully actualize their thoughts.


Our company has imprints which enable a diverse variety of writers to avail the portfolio of our
services in a rather customized way. Our publishing platforms are meant to serve our writers in a
more profound and functional way.

  • CrossWrite self publish
  • CrossWrite traditional
  • CrossWrite expedited
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