80s can rightly be regarded as India’s most glamorous era. There were Asian games, India’s first world cup victory, laudable cinematic achievements, fashion, makeup and what not. We have all heard so many great things about the 80s that I have always wanted to live that era. But I guess one should be careful of what he wishes for. We

In this age of advancement and revolution the spread of a pandemic has become very easy and to some extent inevitable. There is a plethora of bird and animal species whose anatomy is not entirely known to mankind. These species can foster within them selves and in turn dissipate unknown forms of viruses to humans. Historically speaking, the spread

These are tough times. Well, quite literally. Corona is perhaps everywhere and panic has united uslike nothing ever has. There is evidently no concrete cure and it is basically an all hands on decksituation. Everybody has to do their bit to curb this eco terror. But our safety need not cost us anarm and a leg. We can look for

We have all dreamt of having a laid back weekend which extends beyond just the weekend. Now, this situation might not be the same but I believe and that to rather firmly that this is the closest we are going to get to our aspirations.

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