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With CrossWrite you have an option to publish your manuscript without waiting for any screening or soliciting any approval. Our unique Publish now feature, enables the writer to leverage our global reach and digital presence for publishing their work worldwide

Send Proposal Manuscript

Just send in your proposal manuscript to us at with “Publish Now” as the subject title. Once the contents are screened for genre and content, we shall be happy to pursue your manuscript directly for publishing.



Why should I get my proposal manuscript screened if I wish to publish it directly?

Our team would screen the content for any blasphemous, polarising, obscene or vulgar content. Only after the sample manuscript is screened in the context of above mentioned points, it is deemed fit for any mode of publishing.

Should I send in my complete manuscript if I wish to directly publish?

It is not necessary for the writer to send in the complete manuscript initially. However, the complete manuscript shall be solicited by us once the publishing process is set in motion.

What should my manuscript contain?

Writers who wish to directly publish their work should send their proposal manuscript to us at with “Publish now” as the subject title.

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