Sonorous Sagas

“Play the game, Never have I ever read a book by a debut author! Let's support and elevate potential blossoming writers.”

- Yamini Shankar

Title of Anthology: Sonorous Sagas

Theme : Open

Genre: Open

Language : English

Deadline for submission: April 30th 2020

Compiler: Yamini Shankar

Submission process

The writers have to send their manuscript to the compiler Yamini Shankar at to submit their stories by April 30th 2020.

Inclusions for shortlisted authors

  • A hard copy of the published anthology
  • A hard copy of the certificate about the same
  • Paid Facebook marketing for 3 days
  • Minimum 4, maximum 5 pages for the author’s story.
  • One page for each author’s bio and photograph
  • Ebook of the anthology
  • Listing the anthology on national and international book retailers and book stores.
  • Press releases of the authors and anthology
  • ISBN assignment
  • A dedicated website for the anthology and the authors.
  • Branding resources for the anthology

About the author – Yamini Shankar

I have aspired to be a writer, more than a reader. But I have always procrastinated the writing part in my early childhood, not knowing the writing platforms (back then), will the readers like it and many such blocks. Then I used to write up as a vent out machine. It did magic to me. Following my beloved parents, I started to read books in my mother tongue. This taught me how to imagine, visualize and immerse into the story as a reader. And I have found enthusiastic writers like me, shying away from the book world. I take this as an opportunity, to bring them to the limelight along with me. I feel delighted to compile an anthology of the energetic co-authors. Thanking CrossWrite to exactly reciprocating my thoughts behind this anthology and act as a support system.

I am sure to leave some good thoughts and words, along with my co-authors. Let’s support and elevate potential blossoming writers. I believe in,

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit”

I wish you would trust our process of evolution as writers.

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